Safe Deposit Boxes

Toronto Safe Deposit Boxes Distributor: The Safe Depot is a Toronto safe deposit boxes supplier. We are also a Toronto safe deposit boxes installer. Toronto safe deposit boxes purchased from our Toronto safe deposit boxes store are perfect for your personalized security vault. Safe deposit boxes from our Toronto safe deposits supplier come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your particular needs. The Safe Depot, your Toronto safe deposit distributor has been in business for over twenty years. We have been proudly serving the people of Southern Ontario for two decades providing them with safe deposit boxes installation in the Toronto area for years. Our Toronto safe deposit boxes are fit into a security vault that is often referred to as a “nest.” The highly-skilled staff at our Toronto safe deposit boxes store can help you decide which of our Toronto safe deposit boxes is best for you and your company or business. The Safe Depot has been in business for years with some of the leading clientele in the Canadian banking world, because we know Toronto safe deposit boxes and the importance of keeping your valuables and your customer’s valuables safe from thieves.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Standard nests modules are 32 5/8″ Wide X 24″ Deep
Standard nest has the right hand column hinged to the left side in order to eliminate opening problems when nest is located in a corner.
Vertical divide the nest into boxes which extend from the front frame hinge to the back. Outisde finish is painted in a black colour.

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