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Toronto Burglary Safes and Toronto Jeweler Safes: There are many Toronto safe stores in the area, but there is only one Safe Depot. We are a Toronto burglary safes supplier, as we are also a Toronto jeweler safes supplier. We know that you and your family need the best protection for your valuable items and at the Safe Depot, your Toronto safes distributor we have the security that you are looking for. The best way to protect the valuables in your home and business is having a formidable burglary safe from our Toronto safes store. If you are a jeweler or an antique dealer and you are looking for a Toronto jeweler safes store we have the safes that you are looking for. Feel free to view our inventory!

Wall Safes

Wall Safes are designed to provide hidden protection for documents and miscellaneous valuables. They provide easy installation between 16 o/c wall studs with pre-drilled anchor holes and a built-in flange eliminating unnecessary plastering.

“B” Rate Security Safes

The many different features of Wide Body B-Rate Security Safes make them perfect for commercial applications or home use.

Hotel Safes

Hotel and residential electronic safe, with its easy installation, maintenance and management features has become a popular safe in the hospitality industry.

“B”/”C” Rate Security Chests

BLB and BLC Series Safes are designed to provide secure storage at an economical price. In addition to meeting the requirements of the Insurance Offices Manual of Burglary Insurance, these units offer an appearance and many features similar to higher rated models.

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We can help you look for the perfect solution with our expertise in safes and vaults. We have many options for all needs; wall safes, floor safes, gun safes, vault doors and more. Solutions for business needs and solutions for keeping your valuables safe in your home.

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Best Burglary Safe Supplier in Toronto

We are the best choice for Toronto burglary safes distribution in the area. The fine burglary safes in our Toronto safes store come in multiple sizes and shapes and some can be customized to your security comfort level. We are however, not a manufacture of safes. We are a Toronto burglary safes supplier and we are also a Toronto burglary safes installer. The Toronto burglary safes from our Toronto safes company also come with standard in class triggered relock and anti-relock devices. The many features of our products make them highly adaptable for commercial applications or home use. If you are looking for a Toronto burglary safes installation, we can definitely help you. Our team is highly skilled at burglary safes installation in the Toronto area.

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Even if you already have a safe installed in your home or business our staff can help you to further augment its security features, its function and its appearance. The professionals at the Safe Depot are the only Toronto burglary safes distributors that you will need.