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Are you looking for a Floor Safes Distributor in Toronto? Are you looking for a floor safes installer in Toronto? The Safe Depot is your Toronto floor safes supplier. We have been supplying floor safes in Toronto for over twenty years to countless businesses and companies all over the Southern Ontario area. We are a Toronto floor safes supplier and a Toronto floor safes installer. Our prices are affordable and our products are the perfect solution against disasters and thieves. Floor safes from our Toronto floor safes store are fire and water proof. Floor safes from our Toronto floor safes store are also extremely resilient to thieves because of their brilliant and effective features. The floor safes from our Toronto floor safes distributor can be positioned either directly on the floor or even built into the floor! Our expert staff can do your floor safes installation in the Toronto area ASAP so come out and visit our showroom!

Round Lift Out Door

Floor Safes are engineered with advanced security features. Tube safes have been the standard for gas stations, fast food, small retail establishments and home owners for over 50 years.

Super Brute & Brute

All Brute Series safes are designed to provide secure storage for documents, jewelry, precious metals and miscellaneous valuables at an economical price. When properly installed in a concrete floor, Brute Series safes provide excellent fire and burglary protection.

Mini – Brute

Mini-Brute Series safes have all of the excellent burglary and fire features of our Brute Series, but in a smaller profile.

Rectangular Body, Round Lift Out Door

Rectangular Body, Round Lift-out Door “B” Rate Floor Safes offer a large cubic inch capacity at a reasonable price.

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We can help you look for the perfect solution with our expertise in safes and vaults. We have many options for all needs; wall safes, floor safes, gun safes, vault doors and more. Solutions for business needs and solutions for keeping your valuables safe in your home.

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Hide and protect your valuables

The Toronto floor safes that The Safe Depot provides can be used to hide and protect your valuables, such as cash, important documents and jewelry or other heirlooms. When the Toronto floor safes are installed in a permanent surface like concrete, they are nearly impregnable and are one of the most effective protections against fire and robbery attempts. The Toronto floor safes sold at our Toronto floor safes supplier are top of the line and come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Already have a safe or need help installing a new safe?

Even if you already have a safe installed in your home or business our staff can help you to further augment its security features, its function and its appearance. The professionals at the Safe Depot are the only Toronto burglary safes distributors that you will need.