Inkas Commercial Vault Door

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High security bank grade vault door. Available for commercial and residential use. All vault doors feature an emergency 1-handed escape latch from the interior. Even if the lock is broken in case of an attack, an escape is possible when safe to do so. Our vault doors are a composite of metal and cement to ensure durability and harder break-ins.

Dimensions: 79 1/2″ H x 35 1/2″ W

Key Features:

  • Bank-Grade Protection for your irreplaceable business assets and inventory
  • High-Security Composite Design combining reinforced concrete and bulletproof solid steel layers for the toughest defense
  • Solid Steel Deadbolts slide to secure door in place and prevent prying and brute force entry attempts
  • Heavy-Duty Machined Hinges secure hinges in place and prevent removal attempts
  • UL Certified Lock guarantees protection from attempted lock picking and tampering