Understandably, you have put all your effort, heart, and soul into establishing your business. But now it’s time to safe keep it against all odds. Gardex safes in Ontario are specialized for business purposes. Commercial burglary is an important threat in Canada. And not to mention catching fire is a universal problem.

Then what is the best solution to prevent them both? Getting vault doors in Ontario. There are other multiple options for safekeeping your business. Let’s check them out below. 

Office safes service in Toronto

Office safes are the most common ones that can be seen in offices, retail stores, restaurants, shopping malls, pharmaceutical stores, and so on. These safes are usually freestanding, but you can also contact safes service in Ontario to get them bolted into the wall or the floor. 

These are made of steel and are high in resistance, so continuous hitting can’t break the safe or the lock. They come in different sizes and with different lock options. According to what is it that you want to keep safe, buy the one that is best suited to you. 

Commercial Media safes

Business and data go hand in hand. No matter what type of business you own you must deal with a lot of data and media on a day-to-day basis. A part of which can be very important and confidential. 

If you are in a similar situation and want to safe keep those data files and documents then commercial media vaults in Ontario are just for you. Due to the high level of competition in today’s market, many businesses are dealing with confidential data leakage nowadays. Stealing important data from a company gives an advantage to the other one. Thus burglars are highly paid to process these crimes. Thus it is non-negotiable to get these vaults if your business is valuable to you get yourself a commercial media vault in Ontario. Similar to the previous ones these are also available in many sizes and lock options. 

Deposit safes or Drop Boxes

These types of safes are extremely needed for commercial purposes. Especially in places such as retail stores, supermarkets, banks, restaurants, and other offices where regular deposits are needed. This way no one can check what’s inside or steal from it. 

Only an authorized person with the unlocking credentials can open this from time to time. These can also be used to store temporary stuff until they are taken to a bigger safe. 

Cash trays in Toronto

Cash trays in Toronto, Ontario are a must-have for businesses like supermarkets, restaurants, retail shops, hospital receptions, and other places where hand-to-hand money transaction is a norm. These cash trays have different compartments to keep cash and coins separately. 

Made of steel, they are very tough and can be opened by authorized entries only. Just like all the others, they are also available in different sizes and lock options. 

Gun safes in Toronto

Business owners commonly own a licensed gun for their safety purposes. Along with the license, it is also mandatory to keep the firearm safe from the wrong hands and children. Thus to abide by the law it’s important to get appropriate safety for your authorized gun. These safes can withstand all the basic threats that any safe can face including fire hazards. 


All the safes mentioned above are fire and waterproof and can withstand every usual tool used by burglars. So these provide maximum safety to all your business essentials. Thus choose from this extended list the one you want, and get your safety game-high.