Before you buy anything, it is crucial to know its types and availability. Toronto safes are no exception. Locksmiths in Ontario are exceptional and they provide outstanding safes services in Ontario. Seeing all the products you can feel overwhelmed by them. But choosing wall safes or vault doors in Ontario shouldn’t be a hard job. 

Depending on your needs it shouldn’t be hard to choose safes in Ontario. Especially when you have us helping you out in this matter. Be it your jewelry, cash, important documents, hunting equipment, guns, or anything at all that you want to protect, safes in Toronto is here for you. 

There are two main types of safes in Toronto, and based on those two you can further choose from the sub-types. And those are Residential and Commercial safes. Let’s check out the home safes today to understand the safes service in Ontario a little better. 

Types of Residential Safes in Toronto

If you are looking for residential safes in Toronto, these are the few you have as options.

Fire Resistance Safes

Good for keeping documents and small electronics safe from the fire that is important to you but of no use to burglars. 

Burglary proof safes

They also are fireproof but give better protection than fireproof safes. They come under heavy wall safes in Ontario. Good for keeping things that are valuable to burglars and are prone to fire damage. 

Standalone residential safes

These types of safes are made of steel and are usually very heavy. They can either be fitted on the wall or the floor. It has several lock options and can be mounted anywhere you want. Not to mention these are fireproof too. 

Wall Safes

These are the most preferred safes by homeowners. Wall safes in Ontario are the best option to keep your valuables hidden from usual sight. It is extremely safe and fireproof and gives more security as it can be concreted into the wall as well. You can contact the safes service in Ontario to get it concealed into the wall. 

Floor safes in Ontario

It is another very protective option similar to the Wall safes in Ontario. But as it is embedded into the floor it is very much prone to get rusty over time. And unlike wall safes, floor safes can be easily removed from the floors in need. 

Gun safes in Ontario

If you like to keep protective weapons at home, but away from children. Gun safes are the way to go. Depending on your collection and need for protection, you can have a chat with your locksmith and get your gun safe and customized. 

Jewelry safes

Jewelry safes were only used by sellers earlier along with cash trays in Ontario. Most of them were businessmen. But nowadays affluent homeowners also opt for these safes to keep their fine jewelry safe from burglary. 

These safes themselves are very good-looking, but don’t let that fool you. Ask your locksmith and choose one that is easy to use and gives maximum protection. 


Toronto safes have numerous home safes options. And these are the ones that are most in demand. You can also get customizations done with all of them according to your needs. So choose the one that fits your needs the best.